As stated in the current CC&Rs:

No Improvement, as defined below, of any kind shall be commenced, erected or maintained within the Properties, nor shall any exterior addition to or change or
alteration be made in or to any Lot or Common Facility structure containing Lots or to any Exclusive Use Common Area until the plans and specifications showing the nature, color, kind, shape, height (including front, side and rear elevations), materials, and location of the same shall have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Association’s Architectural Review Committee as to quality of workmanship and materials, harmony of external design and location
in relation to surrounding structures, setback lines, topography and finish grade elevation.

“Improvement” includes, without limitation, the construction, installation, alteration, or remodeling of any buildings, walls, decks, fences, swimming pools, landscaping, landscape structures, skylights, solar heating equipment, spas, antennas, utility lines, or any structure of any kind. In no event shall the term “Improvement” be interpreted to include projects which are restricted to the residence interior and which do not involve the roof of any load bearing wall thereof.

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TNHOA Architectural Review