Tanglewood North has two clubhouses:

  • 9672 Paseo de Oro
  • 4247R Via Largo

Reservations are taken on a first come, first served basis and can be made by any Tanglewood North   association member. You can view the Clubhouse calendar below.

Reservation forms can be picked up from the TNHOA office during office hours, or easily downloaded here anytime.


Contact us here, email the office (Office@TNHOA.com) or you can call our office: 714.952.1267 during office hours.

Tanglewood North Clubhouses

Clubhouse Rules

A legally responsible adult owner, tenant or lessee must make the reservation, present a check for the required deposit and read/sign the agreement in order to receive the clubhouse key.

The cost for replacement of lost or damaged keys is generally in excess of $250.

The person signing the agreement must be present when the clubhouse is being used and is responsible for all guests, including minors.

The maximum occupancy of the clubhouse is 50 persons.

In consideration of other TNHOA residents and for health and safety reasons, the following are NOT ALLOWED:

  • Aggressive, loud or dangerous behavior/noise.
  • Barbecuing or grilling inside the clubhouse.
  • Any food preparation on the clubhouse decks or in the surrounding Common Area without TNHOA Board approval.
  • Decorations fastened to the clubhouse with staples, tacks and/or tape, etc.
  • Bounce houses or similar items.
  • Smoking in the clubhouse or on the deck.

To protect neighbors from excessive noise, the doors to the clubhouse must be closed and all persons attending must be inside by 9:00 p.m. The clubhouse must be cleaned and vacated by 11 :00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and by 12:00 Midnight Friday and Saturday, the day of the event.

Paseo de Oro (PDO) Clubhouse

Via Largo (VL) Clubhouse