On June 15th at the Via Largo Clubhouse the City of Cypress Coyote Program was presented to a room full of TNHOA residents. Mariellen Yarc and Jon Peat, both Cypress City Council Members, made the presentation, brought visual aids and answered questions from the audience. Ruth Schnipper ran the meeting arrangements with Roberta O’Toole coordinating the program and will follow through at the Tanglewood North level. The following are some of the most important items mentioned on the literature handed out to the audience:

Research shows coyotes are very smart and resilient. They thrive in suburban environments in family groups in a territory of roughly six square miles. The size of the population is determined by the availability of food and water. 

As omnivores, coyotes will eat your bird seed, fruit on patio trees, any pet food you leave out at night and drink water from fountains, pet bowls, gutters, etc. They are usually too large to get into the pool ares for water but do wait for pet cats to drink the water and eat them as they leave. This is one reason why most of our pet’s remains were located near pool sites.

Protect yourselves, your children & your pets by:

  • Small children outside must have an adult nearby. Don’t send them out with food in their hands.
  • Cats need to be inside cats.
  • Pets outside must be on a leash – no longer than 6 feet from your body. That’s the space coyotes seem to honor around a person with a dog on a leash.

If you spot a coyote be LOUD by yelling and waving your arms, use noise makers, repellents, whistles, air horns, water. Be TALL by moving your arms high, haze by throwing rocks, sticks, etc.

As omnivores, they will come on the patio for fruit that hasn’t been picked, dog food, water, bird seed feeders, food stored outside or in open door garages.

MOST IMPORTANT IS TO USE THE MOTTO, “IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING”. The City will follow coyote migration by having you email coyotereport@cypressca.org or call 714 229-3381. This is important as the area with the coyote family in it will be notified and you’ll be on the alert. If a coyote is too aggressive the City needs to know we have an Alpha Coyote who would be training new young pups to be the same.

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As always, your safety is most important…

Be alert and aware when outdoors and report what you see.

Cypress City Council Members Mariellen Yarc and Jon Peat