Outdoor or Garage Circuit Breaker Panel

Our homes have two electrical panels. One on the rear of the garage next to the large garage door. Most of us have a second smaller electrical panel inside our home, usually located in the kitchen. Both panels have metal covers for easy identification. The outside garage panel has two different cut-off levers; one for the entire home and one for the garage only.The inside panel is for circuit breakers inside your home only. If you experience an electrical emergency turn off the main orange switch on the garage panel

Photo 1 The cement vault and water supply line with the older round gate valve. Turn this valve counter clockwise to turn off the water supply.


Inside Circuit Breaker Panel

If something is not working inside your home open the panel inside your home and check the breakers. If one of those has “tripped” (not in the same position as other circuit breakers) reset to the main position once you have unplugged the electrical items corresponding to that circuit.

Our homes are 50+ years old so most of your breakers have been identified (as shown in the example above) so you should be able to identify which room or area of your home is controlled by the breaker. Sometimes you have a faulty electrical cord or you have plugged in too many items in and they are using too much electricity at that one area of your home.