We encourage all our Homeowners/Tenants to please use their two spaces they have in their garages. Within the TNHOA boundaries, a limited number of off-street parking spaces exist. It is the policy of TNHOA that all interested Owners, tenants or lessees shall have an equal opportunity to use the off-street parking on a first come first served basis.

The following rules pertain to the parking at Tanglewood North HOA.
All off-street parking spaces are for the exclusive use of current occupant Owners, tenants or lessees;
Owners who reside outside of TNHOA and rent or lease their units, relinquish their rights of usage of Common Area parking to their tenants;

Use of the parking spaces is for temporary use only and shall be limited to one space per unit at a given time;

Each Lot is allowed to occupy one of the reserved parking spaces for up to 72 hours and cannot reoccupy a parking space within 24 hours.

The vehicle that is parked in a Reserved Parking Space must be “road worthy” at all times. No flat tires, etc.

All city parking codes must be followed.

Parking in the TNHOA ALLEYS IS NOT ALLOWED. The alleys are owned by the City of Cypress and adhere to the municipal codes of the City.

Street Sweeping

The streets within TNHOA are swept by the City of Cypress  every Friday morning between the hours of 8 a.m. and Noon. The exception are those residents that live on Bloomfield – streets are swept every Monday between 8 a.m. and Noon.

During these periods, parking on the streets is not permitted, and are subject to a citation from the City of Cypress Police Dept.